Inspired by the mythical tale I adopt a contemporary approach to focus on the social & cultural element of a territory, starting from a map on which a city is outlined and thus analysing the networks. The house, the piazza, the street and the surroundings become contemporary frame and drawings.

I worked particularly around the issue of women and of gaze, for instance in the Burka installation, or taking inspiration from ancient feminine myths, in the following works: Pandora, Puttane, Penelope, Proserpina.

I’m currently working on the theme of gaze through an analysis of no man’s land and abandoned places.

The tools I use are maps, video, interviews, embroideries, photography, performances and workshops, while structuring a journey across the urban and natural territory, a geography that develops through plots and powers.

These projects have been showcased in late exhibitions: Paesaggio”, 2013, about the Venetian territory at the Cantiere OAM, Teatro Marinoni in Venice Lido; Proserpina”, 2013, about the Sicilian territory at the Piccolo Hansaldo, Officine Creative in Milan; “El album japonès”, 2014, with the work “Forbidden garden” for the Galleria Obra Gráfica, Yolanda Ochando, Màlaga, Spain; “Moving Heritage”, 2014, artistic performance site specific, Palazzo della Ragione of Padova, opening the Unesco World Tourism Expo 2014.

These issues have been also dealt with with a scientific perspective at the Conference “Looks and landscapes: mental & physical maps”, 2013, Sevilla, Spain, on the occasion of the International Seminar of Inclusive Art, where three projects made together with Giulio Pasolini in Rio de Janeiro-Venice-Padua, focusing on the gaze and the human eye. The gaze, object of an artistic analysis, is the starting point of “our” landscape, that very landscape representing us and educating us.



2019 |  « It’s me » ceramic sculpture installation at the gallery « Casa Cava » 2019 collective culture capital “SENCE OF THE PLACE”, Matera, Italy.

2018 | ARTISTIC RESIDENCE « MAPPA MONDO-GEOGRAFIA MADRE : Korè e as cores », TerraUna, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

2015 | SHAPED IN MEXICO « Geopoetic Monument »,  the book of botanical drawings « The forbidden Garden «sound maps», « sieves: metal geographies»,  OxoTower Bargehouse Galler, London.

2014 | “El album japonès” whit the work “Il giardino proibito”, Galleria Obra Gráfica, Yolanda Ochando, Màlaga, Spain.

2014 | “Moving Heritage” performance site specific, Plazzo della Ragione Padova, WTE

2013/14 | “Visions and landscapes”

An artistic/educational project developed in Rio de Janeiro, Venice & Padua, presented in conferences in Padua and in Sevilla at SIAi, International Seminar of Inclusive Arts, and in a solo exhibit and workshop at Teatro Marinoni, Venice Lido.

2013 | “Proserpina”

Collective exhibition at “Piccolo Hansaldo”, Officine Creative, Milan

2012 | “Raptus proserpinae”

Exhibition and performance at the Botanical Gardens in Padua (an UNESCO site).

2011 | “La casa di Penelope”

Solo exhibit for the European Heritage Days, Villa Imperiale, Galliera Veneta, Padua.

2010 | “Hestia”

Videos installations, Open studios, Metropolitan Arts Network Project, Padua.

2010 | “Laura”

Performance & video, Metropolitan Arts Network Project, Padua.

2009 | “Puttane”

Video, She Devil collective exhibition at MNAC-National Museum of Contenporary Art Bucarest (Romania) & at the Stefania Miscetti art gallery, Roma.

2008 | “Burka”

Installation, Art in Ice collective exhibition, ice sculpture symposium, Livigno (So), Italy

2008 | “1,2,3,4”

Video installation, Limina Architetture collective exhibition at Maria Sorgato Cultural Centre, Noale (Venice).

2008 | “Seek Refuge”

Performance-installation, AIM AgenziaImmobiliareMobile collective exhibition, Mestre (Ve)

2008 | “Risonanze”

Installation, solo exhibition at Oasi di Cervara, Treviso.

2007 | “Convivenza con un monumento”

Project in residence, Larrasoana, Spain and London MET University.

2007 | Pandora”

Video, collective exhibitions at Placentia Arte (Piacenza, Italy), Modena Film Festival (Italy) & Centro de Artes Visuales, Tijuana (Mexico).

2006 | Nightmare and dream

Video, collective exhibition at Galleria Via Farini. Milan.

2006 | Il vaso di Pandora”

Installation, Giornata del Contemporaneo event, Museo Teo, Milan

2006 | Kore

Video/installation, Disertare Dissertare exhibition, Centre Contemporary Art, Genazzano, Roma.

2005 | Rizoma

Installation, collective exhibition at Museo Leopoldo Flores, Toluca, Mexico

2005 | Le scarpe ciniche

Performance, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan.

2004 |La seppia”

Performance, personal exhibition at Gallery Studioventicinque. Milan

2003 | “Burka”

Installation in public space, Plaza de Lavapiés, Madrid.

2002 | “Casas y calles” 

Installation “toma miel y continua tu viaje”, collective exhibition in four open studios, Madrid.